Who Is Harval Homes?


Harval Homes has been building homes across the southern portion of Manitoba for well over 30 years.

Located in Winkler, Manitoba, the company was started by two brothers, Harv and Alvin Thiessen who began building homes under the name Winkler Building Supplies in 1981.  At a later date, the Harval Homes brand was created to ensure the great homes they were building did not get lost under the banner of Winkler Building Supplies (now WBS construction) as the company was becoming a  leader in commercial construction.

How did we come up with the name Harval?  It's a combination of the owner's first names.

From the time it opened its doors, the company has pursed its mission of delivering quality homes, on time, and this focus continues today.

Welcome to Harval Homes, we look forward to giving your build the experience we have gained over our many years in business.

Our Team

Don Martens

Don Martens

Project Manager

Strengths: Attention to detail, evaluating plans for possible problems and improvements, researching new products.
Interests/Hobbies: Wood working, furniture building, canoeing and automobiles

John Wiebe

John Wiebe

Finish Manager

Strengths: Attention to detail and problem solving
Interests/Hobbies: Camping, fishing, reading, history

Barry Giesbrecht

Barry Giesbrecht

Warranty Manager

Strengths: Customer service
Interests/Hobbies: Working with raw materials, drywall taping

The Advisor Advantage

What does over 600 residences built do for you?
You get the right plan – we see areas often missed in plan design.
You get the right products – products that will perform best for you.
You get guaranteed or better pricing – if we’re over, we eat it… if we are under, we share it.
You get service after you move in – we’ll train you on the best operation of your home and we have staff available to respond to you after you move in.