Paying for the Gap!

There comes a time in life when your home or neighbourhood no longer works as well as it should for you or your spouse. If this is you, it is hard thinking about change, but as you have seen throughout your life, things change, life does not stand still.

Before change happens, and this is true for every person (no matter their age) the cost to changing has to be less than the cost to not changing. For you the cost to changing may be the additional money a new home requires while the cost of not changing is a difficult quality of life for you or your spouse.

If this is your situation, I may have good news for you! Many retired people have money left over after their expenses are paid. If this is you, you can use that extra money to pay the difference and get a home that will be a daily benefit to you and your spouse.

Give Don a call to discover if the cost of a simple line-of-credit based on your home’s equity comes in below the money you’re not using today from your fixed income.

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