5 Common New Home 
Plan Oversights


Hanging Light Clearances

If there is an upper cabinet at the end of a peninsula, make sure pendants are placed to allow for clearance between the last cabinet door and the last pendant.


Depending on your design and placement of your mechanical room, bulkheads may be required to run heat or cold to certain rooms. Make sure you know where those will be as a little time spent here can possibly avoid an unsightly bulkhead in an important area of your home.

Drawer / Door Clearances

At times, a design will call for a linen tower along the wall next to the bathroom door. If this is your design, make sure the tower does not include a drawer that when opened hits the bathroom door knob when the bathroom door is closed.

Dark Feature Wall Colour

Dark feature colours are great but they may show faint roller marks when looking from the side along high walls that receive lots of natural light. When using dark colours in these areas, be sure to request a high quality paint if one is not being used throughout your home.

Home Owner Training and After Build Service

An often overlooked, and undervalued time when comparing builders is the time after you move in. Make sure your builder has a process to train you on the operation of your home and they have dedicated people in place to look after you after you have moved in, someone whose priority is not the next sale. Not getting attention when your family is in your new home can be very frustrating.

When planning a new home, what can happen is we get so caught up in a plan’s layout that we miss little things that can be a frustration later. If you’re planning to build a new home, take a look at your plan and make sure it does not have any of these oversights. Want to discover more?

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