“Harval kept us up to date with project costs and were quick to point out money saving options during the construction of our home. Two years after move in, they even called us to see if they needed to come down and look after anything that may require an adjustment.”

Brian D.

About Us

Building new homes since 1981 we are one of Southern Manitoba’s most experienced new homebuilders. In fact, since 1981 we have built over 600 residences.

With this experience comes knowledge… knowledge that we pass on to every person that becomes a Harval customer.

Build with us and we will make sure your plan is right for you, it is built with the right products for your needs and when you receive the keys to your new home, you will have the knowledge that lets you get maximum performance from your new home. Read More...

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The Right Plan

With over 600 new home builds under out belt, we know what to look for on a plan that may not be obvious at first, but will be noticed by you after you move in.

Bring your wish list, a sketch or finished plan and together we will review it along with our inventory of plans to make sure no features are missing and you get the home you’re looking for in the most cost-efficient way.

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The Right Products

What does getting the right products mean to us? It means you get the finishes that give you the look you want along with an understanding of the performance pros and cons of your choices. In addition, it means you receive a written quality inspection report at the completion of each major construction phase of your new home so you know that behind the finish materials, your home is built right.

And if you’re concerned about how to put together a great finish package, we can take care of that with our Easy Custom professionally selected finish packages.

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Knowledgeable Owners

Getting the most out of your new home means understanding how things work. Shortly after you move in, we provide complete owner training on the important working areas of your new home.

After Move In

If one were to assume that most builders deliver a “good” product, when do you think your choice in contractor will matter the most to you? After you move in.

What happens if you have questions or concerns and your builder no longer gives you the time he did during the sale and building of your new home?

When you call we will answer and respond to you quickly. Just like your home insurance policy protects your home from damage, our assurance policy protects your new home experience after you move in. If your concern is covered by warranty, we will get it looked after. If it falls outside of warranty, we can get you a quote for the work that needs to happen.

We will remain available to you!

In addition to your personal access to us, Harval customers receive a Home Owner’s Manual that holds the important details of your new home, and we will keep a copy of it on file for 5 years, so that if you ever miss place it, we can back you up.

Our VIP Program

As a Harval customer you get VIP access to real estate investment opportunities that as a larger builder we get involved with from time-to-time. What does that mean to you? It means you get the option to buy before a project goes to market, and it means being able to buy at a better price than the market.
It also means when one of your children are ready for their own custom new home, they will receive better than market pricing.